School Information - Leadership Team

At Trinity Gardens School we have a dedicated team of leaders working collaboratively to ensure your child is receiving the best education. We bring together the learning to ultimately improve students’ outcomes in all areas of learning.

As a Leadership team, we manage the school resources and support staff in their development as professionals. We align resources to site and departmental priorities, inclusive of teacher development, student support and intervention programs. As leaders we attend across partnership meetings and departmental functions, including a Literacy Summit and Leader’s Day being held this week. Such conferences support our ability to identify, support and track students excelling or requiring support within learning areas.

Staff are regularly supported to build their capacity, accessing professional development which occurs within and outside the school, often accessed on weekends and during school breaks. This year staff have already accessed workshops to support students with Autism and Sensory needs. Future workshops include an Early Years STEM and Maths conference.


Above from left: Sheri Hurn - Coordinator Maths, Amy Hammond - Coordinator Literacy, Tonia Doody - Deputy Principal, Scott Blakemore, Senior Leader Curriculum and Operations, Marg Erwin - Principal, Fran Meyer - Coordinator Steiner Education, Nat Carling - Senior Leader Student Engagement and Wellbeing,  Catherine Day - Director Children’s Centre, Meika Bradley - Coordinator St Morris Unit.