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Welcome to Trinity Gardens School Trinity Gardens School holds many annual events which bring the students and the wider community together in celebration, learning and activities. All staff and students, from the Early Learning Centre to year 7, are involved in these events and families are also encouraged to take part.

Welcome to Trinity Gardens School Sports Day

Sports Day at Trinity Gardens is about each child participating and enjoying a wide range of activities, improving their own skills and being part of a team. This annual event, held across both the Devitt oval and Portrush Forest, takes place towards the end of first term and involves all the students in the school. Families are invited to attend to support their children. Students are divided into four house teams, St Morris, Devitt, Trinity and Wellington. The emphasis on Sports Day is on being confident and having a go. Events include athletics such as sprints, discus, and long jump, and team events such as relays and tunnel-ball.


Welcome to Trinity Gardens School End of Year Celebration

This celebration, held towards the end of the school year, commemorates the year that has just passed with an evening of items prepared by each class. It is a wonderful opportunity for staff, families and students to gather together to enjoy a community BBQ or picnic tea and watch each class present their item before the school breaks for the Summer holidays.


Welcome to Trinity Gardens School

Harmony day

Harmony Day, which began in 1999, occurs on 21 March each year and celebrates Australia's success as a diverse society united by a common set of values.

Since 1945 more than six million people have settled in Australia and in 60 years of post-war migration Australia 's population has jumped from 6 million to approximately 20 million.


Bookweek, an initiative of the Children’s Book Council of Australia, takes place in schools every year in mid to late August. It revolves around a theme to do with books and reading. At Trinity Gardens School Bookweek involves various activities such as the traditional Bookweek parade, a special assembly, story-telling and visits from authors.

Grandparents Day/Special friends is also annually incorporated into the Bookweek celebrations, when grandparents are invited to come to the school and enjoy the Bookweek parade and visit classrooms. This is always taken as a great opportunity to be amazed at the differences to learning in the 21st century from their days at school! A book display is set up in the Resource Centre over Bookweek and many grandparents choose to purchase books to donate to the Resource Centre. Grandparents are also invited to attend morning tea.