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    The Trinity Gardens School Governing Council is responsible for decisions made about the school. The powers of the Governing Council include appointing staff members other than teachers, constructing buildings in the school and arrange for services to enhance the education of students among other things. The Governing Council is required to perform certain functions, including involving the school community in the governance of the school, setting the broad direction and vision of the school, raising money for the school, strategic planning, developing policies and reporting on these aspects to the school and the minister. The Governing Council must consist of 14 councillors, 11 of whom will be parents of students at the school, and which must also include the principal and two staff members.

There are several sub-committees to the Governing Council:

  • Special Events Committee
  • Steiner Committee
  • School Community Care Committee
  • Environmental Sustainable Development
  • Grounds Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Uniform Committee
  • Grants Committee

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