Our School - St Morris Unit

Welcome to Trinity Gardens School The St Morris Unit was established in 1994 at Trinity Gardens School to cater for students with severe multiple disabilities. The unit is specifically designed with excellent facilities for students to access curriculum as well as provide for their health and personal care. Situated within a primary school allows for interaction with mainstream schooling.

At Trinity Gardens St Morris Unit we recognise the uniqueness of every child by encouraging and nurturing their individual gifts. We believe that every child has the right to be educated to reach their full potential.

In the St Morris Unit we will achieve this by providing a stimulating, safe, happy and inclusive environment.

The St Morris Unit and its staff have a prime responsibility to ensure all students have the full benefits of learning, teaching and care programmes.

Welcome to Trinity Gardens School

Criteria and Placement Process

Placement will be considered for students with complex needs as recommended by the Guidance Officer. These complex needs include severe physical and intellectual disabilities Enrolment will be negotiated through the N.E.P. process.

The Criteria and Placement Process for the Transition Class in the St Morris Unit

Placement will be considered for children with severe physical disabilities. Children will spend at least four terms in the unit before attending the main stream. During this period students will be taught to the SACSA curriculum. After discussions with Guidance Officer, Principal, and Co-ordinator of the St Morris Unit, a recommendation will be put forward if the child will be able attend the main stream full time.


The Unit has been redeveloped to include a sensory room, an observation room and another learning area. A computer music programme run by Novita has been introduced to help develop early communicative and play behaviours for the children. Children have some integrated lessons with the main stream classes. Intellikeys and PECS programmes are individually tailored to meet children's needs. Big Macks and other communication devices are used. Regular visits from Novita Staff, the Guidance Officer and the Disability Coordinator offer support for the children. Activities offered in the programmes include swimming at Regency park every week, an annual Swimming Carnival and exciting excursions, such as to the Zoo or Botanical Gardens, as well as regular walks to the park and shopping centre.